Welcome to the precipice

Ukraine is on it’s last leg, funding is drying up, and the public don’t support the cause anymore.

Trump is going to win the election if the status quo remains.

How can the Deep State prevent this?
-> WW3.
They can cancel the election AND intervene to save Ukraine.
Kill two birds with one stone.

Keep this in mind as NATO, via Ukraine as proxy, continue to conduct terror attacks on Russian civilians. They are trying to push Putin into doing something rash, so they can justify intervention, have their war, implement emergency powers, retain their power, prevent Trump from taking office, and prevent Russia from exposing all the offshore Deep State assets in Ukraine, namely the biological malfeasance.

It doesn’t look like they are going the pandemic route this election season. They are going for martial law and all-out war, because they know if the election happens, Trump will win, and they will pay the ultimate price.