Evil is an understatement

General Flynn states that “there was a decision made to have a security stand down, on the 7th of October, for 7 hours”.

This comes after Netanyahu reveals plans to relocate the Palestinian population in the US and Europe.

It appears that some elements within the IDF allowed the attack to happen, so they could justify ethnically cleansing Palestine, and relocating their population. Essentially a false flag operation to justify escalation and the land grab of Gaza and the West Bank.

If you’ve been following me, you’d know this has been my analysis since the jump! Hamas’ attack was brutal and horrific, but Israel WANTED it to happen, because it serves as a Casus Belli, to justify Israel’s blatant agenda to drive out the Muslim Palestinians from the region.

And based on the actions and behavior of the Israeli government, they were waiting for this opportunity. They let their own civilians die, so they could push their geopolitical agenda.


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