Wuhan lab researchers were hospitalized in Nov. 2019

Corona started here with an infamuous lie and the lie grew and multiplied until
we ended up with a PANDEMIC of LIES ! ! !

This is the US-Bio-Lab IN WUHANfunded/finanzed by Peter Daszak/Fauci

Three researchers at a Chinese lab that has been scrutinized as the possible origin point of the coronavirus pandemic went to the hospital due to an illness in November 2019, according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal, which cited current and former US officials, reported that the intelligence gathered by “an international partner” expands on a State Department document confirming that workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill with symptoms “consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness” in fall 2019.


This is the much older, original Chinese Institute of Virology CAS

No gain-of-function research nor whatsoever risky virus-manipulation was ever ocurring in this facility ! The US-Administration simply blames the „chinese lab“ of having released that lousy corona-virus. And YES, they are right, BUT it was their own god damn chinese biolab led by Fauci ! ! !

Latest Outcome:

Now it turned out, that COVID-19 realy did NOT come from Wuhan.

It was developed in Ukraine and then shipped to Wuhan, where it was
„accidentially“ set free during the 2019 Wuhan Military World Games .
Thus, the Wuhan-Event was abused to camouflage the heartland of their
bio-warfare production sites in Ukraine.

It was meant to give the impression of an apparent natural outbreak ! ! !


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  1. Und ich bin mir gar nicht sicher, dass das Ding einfach nur irrtümlich ausgekommen ist! Ich befürchte eher, dass…..

  2. Hatte mal irgendwo gelesen, daß 2019 in Wuhan die Militärweltspiele abgehalten wurden. Zu diesem Event wurden für den enormen Aufwand an Kostüm- u. sonstigen Näharbeiten Chinesische Schneider aus aller Welt herbeigeholt – vor allem aus Italien .
    Die meisten von denen – Militärs wie Schneider und simple Touristen – gingen zum „Naschen“ auf den Wuhan Markt und kehrten infiziert nach Hause zurück.

    Wieviel Zufall kann noch als solcher gewertet werden ?@!

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