The public are inching closer and closer to the harsh reality of the situation


Russia and China’s displeasure with US biological activity in Ukraine, is backlash for Covid.

Western Oligarchs created SARS-CoV-2, killed millions of people, and now the Eastern world is pissed.

Biden and the Deep State forced us into an escalating military conflict with Russia and China, with global nuclear destruction looming around the corner.

Is our plan really to wait until 2025? When elections are fraudulent and the populace brainwashed ?

Where is the urgency?

I made a thread the other day talking about how the Left have gone so far off the deep end, that “sanity” has now become exclusively a “Right-wing” trait.

Meaning if you practice any objectivity or logic of any kind, the Left will cancel you, and label you “Far-Right”.

Clandestine: Just as we cannot imagine how the German citizens supported the Nazis, our descendants will be unable to fathom how American citizens supported the modern day DNC/Leftist ideology.
Future generations will look back in absolute horror that we allowed this evil to flourish.