Pfizer Bombshell goes INTERNATIONAL

A Video takes the world by STORM – followed by upheaval and outrage. But
what, if all of that is pretty likely just theater, for a US$26 billion reason ?@!

James O’Keefe confronts New York Times Journalist Adam Goldman over emails obtained by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch showing coordination between The Justice Dept. and The Times
„Why do you do the bidding of the Federal Government Adam?“ :

16 Michigan State legislators sign letter demanding answers from Pfizer regarding viral #DirectedEvolution video

„Pfizer must hold itself accountable to restore trust in the integrity of the company and its employees.“


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  1. Did You notice, that in both videos the topmost pronounced word is the name of the concept, by which Pfizer – along with other „big-pharma“ enterprises – is making an unimaginable fortune, amazingly NOT with any virus itself, but REALLY JUST with the concept. Because up to now, neither any virological Institute – nor a single virologist in the whole world was able to come up with an „isolated virus“ to proof it’s existence ! ! !

    So the clue is:
    Dr. Stefan Lanka along with quite a number of renown virologists, who are claiming that it’s all about confusing exosomes to be viruses, they MUST be rediculed, because they cannot be profen to be wrong ! ! !

    Just imagine – if this would go mainstream and no one would be afraid of viruses any more, how then should Big-Pharma ever make any profit again with a „damn virus“, that’s nobody afraid of, knowing very well, that viruses simply don’t exist ?@!

    The illness of course exists, but what is causing any particular illness, still needs to be researched ! And the day when science finds out, this will whipe the whole big-pharma scene off the landscape ! ! !

    If You don’t belief, read more about the „US$26 billion reason and ask yourself: Was the vaccine of any help, or has it just done an awfull lot of harm ?

    BREAKING: A new Pfizer insider has just sent us an image of Jordon Triston Walker’s internal Microsoft Teams profile showing he is still an active employee of the pharmaceutical giant

    „CNN, rather than covering the biggest news story in America, ran a segment shilling for big pharma.“
    [video src="" /]

    Pfizer’s #DirectedEvolution research affects all of us, worldwide, regardless of ideological affiliation. The deafening silence of the mainstream media speaks only to the troubling relationship between #BigPharma and #BigTech. We’ve witnessed, in real-time, corroborative traces of Jordon Trishton Walker’s online presence scrubbed before our very eyes. We are but a small non-profit fueled by YOUR Tax-deductible donations and we NEED YOU to support us now more than ever.

    Many of you were privy to the Orwellian oligarchy which suppresses and censors, but for those in doubt, we hope you are paying attention. In addition to the media blackout, the piece was taken down on YouTube and just yesterday we were blacklisted by our SECOND CRM in twelve months, rendering our fundraising efforts extremely difficult to manage. Your ability to know the truth is under attack.

    On Twitter we’ve garnered over 25 MILLION views. THIS is how we circumvent censorship. Spread the word. They cannot silence us all. SHARE the video AGAIN & AGAIN. Use your voice no matter how small your audience.

    We are NOT “Brought to You by Pfizer”


    Any more questions, Mr. Columbo ?

  2. Hier noch ein sehr interessantes Video darüber, wie das Peer-Review von Drosten’s PCR-Test überhaupt durchgehen konnte.

    Ein spannendes Video, welches die Verwicklungen und den Betrug klar aufzeigt, von der Einreichung der Publikation bis zur Ernennung zum sog. Goldstandard ❗️

    (english subtitles)
    [video src="" /]

    ! ! ! Der nackte Wahnsinn ! ! !

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