Clandestine: be carefull whom you follow

Jack Posobiec blocked me for calling him out on fueling the Left-wing “brain-chip” psyop.

Let us not forget that Posobiec mocked Q and Anons countless times in the past

His entire MO is to generate as many clicks as possible, regardless of validity, making him just as bad as the the left-wing propagandists.

Posobiec is not a journalist, he is an opportunist, who pushes anything without verification.

Careful who you follow

Speech- neutralized by DNC censoring content online

Religion- neutralized by DNC mandates shutting down worship under the guise of “public health”

Press- neutralized by DNC control of the purportedly “independent” media pushing State propaganda

Assembly- neutralized by DNC prohibiting conservative protest due to Jan 6th

Petition- neutralized by DNC control of Big Tech and petition sites to prevent conservative activism

All our 1A Rights have been stolen by the DNC.

What comes after the 1A?