Kash Patel: FBI has Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book

Trump should release it on day 1 and the rest of the footage of the DC pipe bomber (must see)

Glenn Beck: Who has Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book?

Kash Patel: FBI.

Glenn Beck: But who?…

Kash Patel: That’s under direct control of the Director of the FBI… Just like the manifesto from the shooting at the Catholic School. We still haven’t seen that, right?… It’s not the national police that doesn’t want this out. The FBI air-mailed into the operation and said this is not getting out… To me that’s the thing President Trump should run on.

On day one, roll out the black book. Not just that. On day one, roll out all the text messages and communications we were told were deleted.

On day one, play the rest of the video of the pipe bomber…

You need a central node to be continuously declassifying. This is another thing they do, they overclassify — to protect the deep state. We still haven’t seen half of the RussiaGate report that we wrote. Still under lock and key… All of these things there needs to be a continuing central power, all of the requests that come in.. right out the door. As long as it’s not a major threat to national security.”