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BHO and his parents were C_A trained
[Hussein, Barry] parents both fluent in Russian?
Public ‚career‘ history mom-dad?
Public ‚career‘ history require Russian language as prerequisite?
FARM work takes special skills
Declass files used „Corney“ instead of Comey
Corn ready to harvest!

Grassley says „Abt 10 days fr harvest“
„Harvesting proceeding in some parts of Iowa“
„‚death tax‘ won’t harm family farms“

FARM (pre-family invite) w/ internship assignment (Stanford)?
C_A-assisted ‚assault‘ ’sleepers‘ who are targeted based on trusted family backgrounds, geopolitical location relative to families of power/influence, ability to harvest [control], etc.?

The Russians probably used Dominionsky Votinsky Systeminsky to cheat.
Dominion Voting>Staple Street Capital>The Carlyle Group>BUSH family>Obama Biden Admin

CHINA>Dominion Voting

BHO>Leonardo SPa sat>Vatican&CHINA