Tucker Carlson is perfeclty right

@TuckerCarlson talks about how Biden’s War in Ukraine accelerated the growth of BRICS, uniting half of the world against America. „I don’t think most Americans know that the consequences of what the Biden administration did in February 2022 will be things your grandchildren have to deal with.“ „We just begun the process of ending American dominance in a bunch of different sectors.“ „I wonder if people have any concept of the harm this has already done to the United States.“ „The sanctions alone. When you start seizing the personal property of residents of a country because they’re residents of the country without any due process or without even charging them.“

„And you seize billions of dollars of their personal property because they’re „oligarchs“ with Russian last names, I’m sure some of them are bad people, maybe they’re all bad people.“ „But what you’re telegraphing when you do that is that the rule of law doesn’t apply to you…“ „If you start doing that, then the rest of the world is like, wait a second, you’re not what I thought you were, I want to get out of dollars. I want to, for example, form a massive global coalition of nations, and we’ll do our own thing.“ „It’s called BRICS, and it now represents most of the world’s power.“


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