Joe Biden’s ‘TikTok Army’ received hundreds of thousands from George Soros …

… to push left-wing causes, bash conservatives

They gabbed with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about coronavirus and sat for meetings with Biden in the Oval Office, the Washington Post reported.

The confabs were the subject of a Saturday Night Live Cold Open that same month.

Gen Z for Change logo
Soros’ Open Society Foundation shelled out $5.5 million to the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc. in 2020 and 2021, which in turn gave at least $300,000 in 2022 to another nonprofit, Gen Z for Change.

In recognition of their contributions, Gen Z for Change was invited to the White House to witness the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

It’s unclear how Gen Z for Change disperses the Soros cash to its core cadre of young influencer activists whose accounts are littered with White House and far-left talking points.

“We are unequivocally supportive of Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, Palestinian liberation, [and] a plethora of progressive policies that a vast majority of Gen Z supports,” group founder Aidan Kohn-Murphy told his 288,000 TikTok followers in a message Wednesday. 

Kohn-Murphy himself has overseen partnerships with the White House and Democratic National Committee, according to his speakers bureau.

Victoria Hammett, 24, the group’s deputy executive director, frequently sounds the alarm on women’s issues and reproductive rights.

“Abortion after six weeks will be banned in Iowa once the governor signs the ban,” she told her 819,000 followers.

“If there is a 13-year-old little girl who is getting abused and is too scared to or does not know how to report it, she would be forced to carry her rapist’s baby to term.”

Conor Stayton, 20, a digital marketing strategist for the group, had sharp words for upstate GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik after a shooting in Buffalo left 10 people dead in May 2022 — accusing her of repeating “neo-nazi and white supremacist” talking points.

“Elise maybe you should keep your mouth shut,” Stayton snapped in a video that same month to his 557,000 TikTok followers.

Critics said the Soros’ Gen Z grunts are worrisome

“George Soros is funding the next generation of far-left activists on a platform that is beholden to the [Chinese Communist Party],” Rep. Stefanik told The Post.

Roughly two-thirds of Accelerate Action’s $8.3 million for 2020 and 2021 came from Soros.

Accelerate Action is the only nonprofit that has donated to Gen Z for Change, according to the latest publicly available tax records.

The middle-man nonprofit has little public-facing presence beyond a spartan website with a brief mission statement that declares its purpose is to “develop and test new models for citizen organizing, particularly in communities of color. . . and develop deep, trusted relationships that can move people to take action.”

No tax forms for Gen-Z for Change were publicly available on the IRS website, and Kohn-Murphy did not respond to multiple requests from The Post to provide them.

Victoria Hammett, head of Gen Z for Change.
Victoria Hammett, 24, the group’s deputy executive director, frequently sounds the alarm on women’s issues and reproductive rights notably stating, “Abortion after six weeks will be banned in Iowa once the governor signs the ban.”

“We believe that more, rather than fewer, voters, including among younger and historically marginalized communities, should be empowered to participate in America’s democracy through free and fair elections. We’re proud to support organizations working with new technologies to spur civic participation and help enable more inclusive, just, and open societies,” an Open Society Foundations spokesperson said.

Stayton, Hammett, and Accelerate Action did not respond to requests for comment.

Soros, a 93-year-old billionaire, has spent decades financing far-left causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation.

His most notable contributions to New York City have included bankrolling soft-on-crime prosecutors like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.