Tucker’s biographer verifies the dominion story is true

What was the reason for Tucker’s being given the boot by Fox News? According to the author of the “definitive biography” of Tucker Carlson, Chadwick Moore, the reason for Tucker’s firing was that Fox News had agreed to do so as part of its settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Such is what Moore said in a short video released on Twitter in the run-up to the biography’s release date of July 18. He captioned the video by saying, “For the last year, I’ve been writing the definitive biography of
@TuckerCarlson, based on thorough research and 100+ hours of interviews. But there’s some info that can’t wait for July 18: the scoop on why Fox canceled his show. Watch below & Pre-order: Tucker Biography

Watch him here:

As you can hear in the video, Moore, describing what happened to Tucker and why, along with what Tucker would have exposed with the monologue that Fox News Channel nixed by firing him, said:

“Hey guys, Chuck Moore here. I’m the author of a new biography about Tucker Carlson, titled Tucker. I have spent the last year researching and writing this book. And during that time, I’ve gotten to know Tucker, his family, his friends and his staff very well. In fact, I’ve gotten to know Tucker the person, not the caricature that his enemies tried to portray. I was working closely with Tucker when he was taken off the air by Fox. And as some of you know, I was also regular on his show, and I happened to be a guest on the final episode of the show, which was on April 21st.

Although Dominion has denied this, my sources have intimate knowledge of the situation. And they have assured me even before this news leaked, that that is in fact, the truth. If that is true, it would mean that a small group of people who have a controlling interest in Dominion have managed to silence what is arguably the most important and influential conservative voice in the country, possibly until after the next presidential election.

Knowing Tucker’s I do, I’m confident that he will not be silenced as I’m sure all of you are as well. If you’re interested in knowing more if you want to know about who Tucker is about his history, his passions and what motivates him. Again, the title of book is Tucker, and it’s available for pre order now at Tucker the book.com or wherever books are sold.”

Tucker quote tweeted the video with an emoji, indicating that it might be true, as he didn’t dispute it:

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