Info on the meeting between Xi and Macron!

1) President Xi calls for peace via a “political settlement” to end the conflict in Ukraine before it escalates further.

Macron asks Xi to “bring Russia to its senses”, but Xi recognizes this conflict was not started by Russia, but by Western actors in control of Ukraine.

2) President Xi and China have taken over the role of global leader from the United States while Biden and his admin continue to fund a war they started via proxy (State Dept/CIA 2014).

Xi said, “The world today is undergoing profound historical changes”.
He’s not wrong.

5) Xi refused to acknowledge the Western talking point that Russia are the “aggressors”. Xi is not here to negotiate terms for Russia’s surrender, he is here to vouch for Putin and Russia and negotiate US/Western withdrawal from Ukraine. Physically and politically.

6) Macron and European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, make sure to promote their narrative that this is “Russia’s war”. Xi sits quietly and endures their Western propaganda, knowing that Russia and China have already proposed peace at the UN and the West ignored it.

7) For over a year, Russia and China have been formally requesting a Security Council investigation into the US biological network in Ukraine, which they proposed a cease-fire, under the agreement that the US biological network would be.


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