About damage induced by graphene-oxide in vaccines

👇 It’s been known that the graphene oxide in the vaccines are creating blood clots, heart attacks, nerve damage amongst other deadly issues…. But what’s becoming clear is the how. The graphene oxide is like razors in the blood, cutting up the body from the inside vein vessels, heart, brain and organs !

„Graphene hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene oxide forms structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose. Once in the bloodstream they will be there forever (short of the person getting a blood transfusion to remove them). Their effect on the blood vessels is cumulative. The longer they stay in the bloodstream, the more damage will be done to the blood vessels over time.“

Getting the Vax, is like playing Russian Roulette. The people who die immediately, or soon after getting the vax, are like victims of Russian Roulette. It is, when the graphene oxide hits the blood vessel wall immediately, that causes the death or collapse, immediately after getting the vax.
Doctors performing autopsies on victims of the Vax, are not going to find anything. These doctors are looking for something biological, as the cause of death, but the graphene hydroxide is not biological, so it will not be visible in their tests.
There are pictures, of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death from the inside.
Especially the top athletes, who are dropping dead, have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.
As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, then you are a murderer.
The question to ask the vaccine makers and the politicians, is this: WHY ARE THESE RAZOR BLADES INSIDE THE VACCINES? How can they justify them being inside the vaccines?
And now, they want to force children from age 5, to get vaccinated with this horrible thing !
-Dr. Andreas Noack’s-

On Saturday Dr. ANDREAS NOVAK was killed, after he blew the whistle on the vaccines findings……

His wife blames DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ( which has been proven true in military and CIA operations )

Are they tracking whistleblowers, through their phones and location.. And killing them, through military High Technology direct energy WEAPONS ?