30 bio labs in Ukraine and who they are tied to

Whereas there are circulating different statements, what regards the actual number of US-Biolabs, that exist in the Ukraine, there is little to no doubt in these to be a fact.
( @BioClandestine: 46, the video below : 30, location-map in Video: 14 )

But most disturbing and widely unknown is the fact, that they (biologist as well as virologists) are talking about virus research, whilst most certainly they are all aware, that the therm virus is the latin word for poison ! ! ! Thus, it’s utterly likely, that they are actually doing clandestine research for biological warfare. This leaves an open „window of opportunity“ for Big-Pharma to continuously cheat the unwary, with their vaccines for some „virus“, which in reality is pretty likely a result of intoxication through one of their bio-warfare-products, that’s been probed upon us minor earthlings !

Meanwhile another thread on Chinese MIL and their stance on the US Biolabs in Ukraine appeared.

All of the escalations in geopolitics can be traced back to the fact that Russia and China are accusing the US of creating biological weapons in Ukraine.

Since the public are on the topic of China, let’s share a video from The Ministry of National Defense from the PRC, on 3/25/22. Americans are largely unaware that China has also been demanding for investigations into the US biological activity in Ukraine and abroad.

Wu Qian elaborates on the PRC’s stance on US MIL involvement in the biolabs in Ukraine, as well as the “many locations of US overseas biolabs [that] saw outbreaks of rare infections diseases.” Chinese MIL are demanding answers.
Link to source CCTV:

Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman: „U.S. Must Explain Role of Bio-labs in Ukraine“
„We urge the United States to take a transparent and responsible attitude by seriously responding to the concerns of the international community over its role in making biological weapons in its bio-labs in Ukraine“ , said the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense on Thursday.

So for those wondering why China would militaristically escalate against the United States, well they are openly demanding for clarifications as to why dangerous pathogens are ‘leaking’ from US labs worldwide.

They are openly asking for transparency. The U.S. has always claimed to be „open and transparent,“ the Foreign Ministry said. „If the concerns are truly ‚disinformation,‘ why doesn’t the United States release detailed materials to prove its innocence?“

To be clear, I’m not insinuating the Chinese are to be trusted, I’m pointing out that they are already exuding militaristic posture towards the US. And it’s allegedly to do with the US biological malfeasance in Ukraine. Whether it’s true or not, Russia and China are pissed.

The crazy part is, 99.99% of the US population have no idea that China and Russia made these allegations. Meanwhile, US biological malfeasance has been the main conversation of the International diplomatic community since March, 2022.

So for those who are concerned, this could be an escalation into WW3, I’ve got news for you. We are already in WW3. Russia, China, and the rest of the world have been under biological attack since December 2019, possibly before then. Eventually, they will strike back. /END


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