Are we finally going to see the Epstein flight logs unredacted?

All it takes is a signature for the world to see the Jeffrey Epstein flight log. 🚨

„There’s no reason why we can’t get the flight logs… All it takes is a signature. The signature of a Senator. It can be whenever. This notion that they ran out of time is just nonsensical.
They’re not going to be able to use that excuse forever. There is going to be time. All they need is the John Hancock to get the subpoena. So they can’t continue to come up with these BS excuses because they are going to look as complicit as possible and we’re going to blow them up.
He’s dead.. He’s a convicted pedophile. What possible reason could there be to hide this information? How could this information not be in the public interest? It’s almost a joke. It’s not like Dick Durbin’s constituents are demanding he block the logs…
This is one of those things the American people have the right to know.“

Are we getting closer to finally exposing the people Epstein trafficked children to?


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