What’s ACTUALLY behind January 6th „insurrection“


Now that we have the tapes proving January 6th was not the violent insurrection we were told it was, let me enlighten you on what ACTUALLY happened that day.

Flashback to January 4th, 2021. Pence promised that he was going to “hear the objections and evidence”, in reference to the massive irregularities and voter fraud in the 2020 election (video below).

Pence never got to hear those electors air their objections or evidence. The January 6th event at the Capitol was the means Pence used to justify NOT giving electors their day in Congress. Pence claimed the acts by Trump and his supporters were so heinous, that he was just going to certify the election the next day.

Well, now that we have the January 6th tapes, it is clear this event was facilitated and coordinated by elements within our own government, and the evidence of this was intentionally withheld from the American People in order to continue perpetuating this massive lie.

You witnessed an insurrection on January 6th 2021, but it wasn’t by Trump supporters. It was by establishment politicians, elements within the intelligence community, and State-controlled MSM outlets, who coordinated to generate, escalate, and exaggerate the situation in order to avoid electors airing their objections, in order to certify a stolen election. You witnessed treason and war waged on the American People.

That’s what happened on January 6th. Our nation was stolen from us by corrupt elements within our own government. And all the hatred, discrimination, censorship, and vitriol towards Trump supporters, ALL of it was based on a lie.

You best start believing in Orwellian dystopias. You’re in one.