DNC is stonewalling Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy Junior says that the DNC is stonewalling him the same way they did Bernie Sanders and says that big corporations like Pfizer and BlackRock are spending billions on Biden because they believe they will get a return on their investments:
„The same thing they are doing to me, (The DNC) did to Bernie Sanders. Because Bernie Sanders posed a threat to the DNC’s doner base. Well I am ten times the threat that Bernie Sanders was. And that’s why they’ve raised 2 billion dollars. They raised it by someone in the White House basement calling all the billionaires and getting the big money from them. Do you think those billionaires and big corporations like Pfizer and Blackrock.. Do you think they gave those big mega million dollar donations to the Democrat party out of a patriotic impulse or out of a humanitarian impulse. I don’t think so. I think they think they are going to get something for that money. I think they don’t look at that as a donation, I think they look at it as an investment. I’m going to make sure that they do not get a good return on that investment.“