There is no zero-emission car

I know that most of you here are very conscious beings and care about saving our planet, however Zero Emission has always been a scam and I will explain.

Let’s take for example the gas-guzzling Audi Q7 4,0 SUV, which produces about 199 grams of CO2 per mile driving, and then compare it to the new Hummer EV, that is marketed as Zero Emissions car, and gets electricity from the power grid.

Hummer weighs 9,000 pounds, it emits approximately 341 grams of CO2 per mile driven based on average global power grid consumption, which is significantly more than basically every single petrol/diesel powered car sold today.

There maybe no exhaust coming from the back of the new Electric Vehicles, but electricity that drives it definitely creates way more pollution as most of the energy generated still comes from burning oil/coal. Because of this, EVs will still be responsible for “upstream emissions” until the grid is completely carbon free.


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