Untold history …

from an utmost dirty story-book named „reality“ (must see)

a reality, which at some stage produces pure madness (don’t see – forbidden by another madness ).

Whereas, there’s still the question, why did they allow him to escape to Argentina (Peron, 1945) and lateron to Paraguay (Strößner, 1954), where Hitler died in 1971 at age 82 and was buried in a crypta at the right niche of the „Catedral de la Asunción de la Virgen“ in Paraguay. ( the flickery part of that video realy comes from the shown Camera – it was recovered and integrated in this (full) video, by an english team of investigators ; the little girl at the blanket is Uschi Hitler, no idea how she was called in DDR 😉 ).

The answer to the question – why did they allow him to escape – became clear, after listening to the first Video above (the Kennedy-Plot ): Hitler was just another rich man’s trick ! ! !

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  1. From this „lesson“ it becomes shining clear, why the young generations from the sixties onwards were being agitated against the „average NAZIS everywhere“. The goal was simply to bind the „revolutionary potential“ of those youngsters to an artificial but unperishable target, so they never would realize which forces are pulling the strings – their strings and those of any other fascist group here and abroad ! ! !

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