Danchenko was a paid FBI informant

Devin Nunes discusses the Durham news that broke today, in which we found out that Danchenko was a paid FBI informant.

“The fact that they [FBI] hired this guy at that time and brought him onto the payroll, clearly it was to obstruct our investigation. This guy would have zero relevant information. The FBI knew the whole damn dossier was a total frickin’ fabrication and a lie… What do they do? They bring him on the inside.”

Danchenko was a PAID informant living in DC, when he supposed to be this supersecret Russian source.

So the FBI paid a Russian spy for 3 1/2 years to [checks card] lie to them. While using the fake dossier he helped manufacture for the Clinton campaign. To investigate the Trump campaign. And then the Trump presidency.

And they kept this dirty trickster on the payroll until October 2020, just before the stolen election.

So Hillary Clinton paid a literal Russian spy (Danchenko), to fabricate evidence about Trump, which was then presented by corrupt agents within the FBI, to the FISA court, to justify spying on Donald Trump.

And then when Trump and America First GOP members like @DevinNunes started looking where the bodies were buried, the FBI hired Danchenko as an informant in an attempt to cover up their activity from congressional oversight and public exposure.

Or in layman’s terms…


Durham got it all – October should be interesting

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