US Military hanging Globalists out to dry

Tensions rising in Taiwan, as China threaten military force if Pelosi visits Taiwan. Thankfully, the US MIL are shutting down any ideas of a visit and are giving in to China’s demands. See CNN article below.

This story from CNN is quite peculiar. They kind of snuck it in in the middle of the night, and fail to highlight the magnitude of the situation. I can’t tell if they are trying to keep it hush, or if they want people to know about it. Nonetheless, they failed to point out some key points surrounding the situation.

China are now showing a trend. They do not want any sort of US involvement in Taiwan. They demanded the US cancel their $108 million arms deals and supply. Now China are threatening “forceful measures” if Pelosi visits Taiwan. And CNN fail to point the rather pertinent detail that back on May 23rd, Biden said he was “willing to use force” to defend Taiwan if China were to invade.

Biden cites that the US are ‘obligated’ via their commitment to the “One China Policy”. Which is in no way shape or form a legal diplomatic relationship, but the US State Dept defines it as a “robust unofficial” relationship.

“Robust Unofficial Relationship” is a euphemism for “Globalist Proxy Country”. Nothing is on the books, and the citizens of the US, nor the ruling body of legal representatives have any stake in protecting Taiwan. Only Globalists politicians who seem to have something there of interest.

CNN cites Biden’s and Pelosi’s response to the US MIL’s opinion on China’s threats, but doesn’t follow up on the fact that China are backing the US down.

Biden: „I think that the military thinks it’s not a good idea right now, but I don’t know what the status is.”

Pelosi: „I think what the President was saying is that maybe the military was afraid of my plane of getting shot down or something like that. I don’t know exactly.”

Hell yeah the military thinks it’s a bad idea. Because they aren’t interested in fighting China, over non-binding agreements, between corrupt US politicians trying to defend their assets in proxy countries. The US MIL are hanging the Globalist politicians out to dry, and rightfully so.

Now, as all this escalates, more questions arise. What interest does Nancy Pelosi have in Taiwan? What interest does China have in Taiwan? Why are China more hostile about US involvement in Taiwan now, as opposed to the past? What changed? What is a US Representative from California’s 12th District doing engaging in foreign policy when her job is to pass legislation?

As of now we can’t be entirely sure, but if we apply the transitive property to Taiwan on how the DNC Globalists handled Ukraine, we can assume there are nefarious activities going on there. Thus the panic from the Globalists, and the unfriendly response from China.

The heightened hostility from China tells me whatever actions they have planned, they are close, and they have no intention of allowing the US to interfere or impede their progress. And the US MIL have shown no intention to defend Taiwan, despite what Biden declared back in May.

There’s a clear disconnect between the Biden admin’s agenda, and the US MIL’s agenda. The way this situation is playing out insinuates that the White House and the military are two separate entities right now. Which is abnormal. Biden is allegedly the Commander in Chief, but the US MIL’s actions and responses would suggest they don’t take orders from him.

For the sake of humanity, let’s hope the US MIL remain neutral, and allow China to expose yet another DNC proxy, just as Russia did. This is looking less like WW3 and more like a clean up operation.


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