Putin assures destruction of „Western Globalist Elite“

Putin appeared at the ASI forum “strong ideas for a new time”. A collection of 200 russian elites and local leaders/representatives.

Putin points out the unfairness of the “western oligarchy”, (Deep State) and their total dominance of the world. Highlighting how their rule has impeded the advancement of all human civilization.

He goes on to correctly assert that the “globalist and supposedly liberal ideology is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism.”

How can you not agree with him? Put aside that he’s the leader of Russia. Is’nt 100% correct, what he is saying ? Sounds exactly like something Trump would say.

Putin would conclude, that “no matter how much Western and globalist elites strive to preserve the existing order, a new era is dawning, a new stage in world history.”
Kinda sounds to me like Putin is saying ‘nothing can stop what is coming’, and that we are witnessing the destruction of the ‘old guard’. He remains consistent in his public appearances, that the downfall of the Western Elite/Liberal-Globalist World Order is “impossible to stop”.

If I were to take the transcript of this speech, and handed it to every single Trump supporter, and told them Trump said it, nearly 100% would support it. If I told them Putin said it, many of them would curl up their lips with disgust.

Why should we disregard what Putin is saying, whilst what he is saying is correct? That’s just illogical. Russia is not wrong just because they are Russia, and the US are not right just because they are the US. All the evidence points to Russia’s allegations being legitimate. If you can’t accept this, you are a victim of decades of nationalist propaganda.

I’m not saying Russia is innocent. No country is. But what they are saying about the US is correct, and ignoring their allegations just because they are our enemy, is not a sustainable foreign policy.

In conclusion, Putin is confident, that the Liberal-Globalists world order will be destroyed and soon will be replaced by a new, multi-polar world order. I think that sounds like a great idea. Trump seems to think so as well. None of us can know for sure, what the future holds, but it can’t be worse, than the current status quo.

Eine Antwort zu “Putin assures destruction of „Western Globalist Elite“”

  1. Das muß man sich mal auf der Zunge zergehen lassen !
    Der Führer des ehemals gefürchteten, diktatorischen Ostblockes prangert den Westen an, totalitär zu sein !

    Und was tut der Westen mit seinen Bürgern ?
    Es ist uns bereits wieder verboten, „Feindsender“ zu hören !

    Wer RT sieht, muß mit hohen Strafen rechnen.
    Und JA, verdammt noch mal, Putin hat recht !
    WIR – hier im Westen – sind diejenigen, welche aktuell in einer aufdräuenden Links-Diktatur leben ! ! !

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