Multi-Milliarden Betrug durch verdeckte Risiko-Bewertung

SEC Charges Allianz Global Investors and Three Former Senior Portfolio Managers with Multibillion Dollar Securities Fraud

„Allianz Global Investors admitted to defrauding investors over multiple years, concealing losses and downside risks of a complex strategy, and failing to implement key risk controls,“ said SEC Chair Gary Gensler. „The victims of this misconduct include teachers, clergy, bus drivers, and engineers, whose pensions are invested in institutional funds to support their retirement. This case once again demonstrates that even the most sophisticated institutional investors, like pension funds, can become victims of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a recent string of cases in which derivatives and complex products have harmed investors across market sectors. The Commission stands ready to use all appropriate tools to protect investors, including upholding prohibitions against certain activities by the guilty parties. I’d like to thank and commend our staff for their excellent forensic work that uncovered this fraud and held the wrongdoers accountable.“

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