India’s biometric Aadhaar card

For India’s poorest, an ID card can be the difference between life and death .

At least 14 people have died of starvation in Jharkhand, the eastern Indian state where the Malhars live, activists say. They say the deaths have occurred since authorities canceled old handwritten government ration cards last year and replaced them with the biometric Aadhaar card to weed out bogus beneficiaries.

Taramani Sahu, an activist with the Right to Food Campaign, blamed the Jharkhand government for delays in issuing the Aadhaar cards after one million old cards were canceled. For some who depended on the rations for subsistence, the results were fatal, she said. . . .
Bill Gates backs India’s scheme to make a database of every citizen by scanning people’s fingerprints and eyeballs

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